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What we provide

We provide Physiotherapy Assessments and Treatments face to face or via telephone or video consultation.

The duration of the first assessment depends on the complex nature of the presenting condition. 

We are excited to announce that we are now able to offer Dynamic Movement Intervention (DMI) therapy! Find out more here:


The assessment will be based on the individual needs of the child/ young person and their family.

The assessment will take place in the child's own home or alternatively in another appropriate environment agreed by family and therapist, such as child's school.

The assessment will include a detailed objective and subjective assessment and joint, person centred planning. 

Goals will be co-produced between the family and therapist.

Following your child's assessment we will provide a free follow up phone call to provide further advice regarding future management.

If you would like to know more about the assessment process or enquire about booking an assessment please contact us on our e-mail address  



Treatments will be tailor made to the client's individual therapeutic needs and can include exercise prescription to address musculoskeletal and muscle tone issues, postural management advice, hydrotherapy*, massage and advice on day to day management of the condition.


Duration of treatment sessions will depend on the choice of intervention.

*Hydrotherapy available at a location arranged by client



With over 20 years experience in the Paediatric Physiotherapy field we are extremely experienced in the assessment of appropriate Paediatric Therapy equipment such as:

  • Standing frames

  • Walking frames

  • Sleep systems

An in depth knowledge of the range of equipment available and postural needs means we can support you in choosing the right product for your child.

We are happy to arrange and be involved in the assessment process.


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Reports can be provided on request for health, education and social care.

We can provide reports for supporting EHC requests or for new and review plans.

We are able to support DLA applications.

We can provide reports for information sharing with your GP or other health professionals.

If required liaison with other health professionals to ensure quality of care will form part of the management provided.


DMI Therapy 



Dynamic Movement Intervention is the

fastest growing, internationally recognized

manual therapy technique that helps

children reach their gross motor milestones.

DMI harnesses the power of neuroplasticity to make rapid, long lasting changes in a child’s brain so they can learn

new skills, reach their developmental milestones, and improve their quality of life in accordance with the ICF

(International Classification of Functioning, Disability,

and Health, WHO) framework.

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